Schools & Academies

Schools & Academies

With over 25 years experience of providing compliant operating leasing solutions to Local Authority schools, UniLink will ensure that schools enter into competitive leases in a transparent manner. As the sector has evolved into the academy and MAT model, we have expanded our services to provide these much needed solutions to the academy sector.

LEA Schools

With over 25 years experience in providing schools leasing solutions, we are well placed to ensure schools enter into Education compliant leases in a cost effective and transparent way.

Typical equipment leased by schools is ICT and technology assets. Schools lease ICT for many reasons but spreading the purchase cost over the economic life helps cashflow and budgeting enabling the school to plan for future growth or equipment upgrade.

This principal extends to a range of equipment that schools purchase, a list of which are below.

Academy Trusts

Academy Trusts are subject to similar financial pressures as LEA schools. We can provide a comprehensive lease advisory solution for academy schools that ensures total transparency of cost and accounting compliance on new leases in line with the current ESFA Academies Financial Handbook.

Multi Academy Trusts can achieve significant economies of scale both with their procurement costs for equipment but also with financing costs using a lease. Contact us to discuss.

Privately Funded Schools

Private schools do not have the same restrictions that state schools have in respect of finance arrangements and can utilise various options. However, many are charitable status and have different issues and pressures effecting finance choices such as VAT.

UniLink can assist private schools to structure finance arrangements that fit the individual needs of the school.

Typical assets leased:

Gym Equipment
Catering Equipment
Grounds Maintenance
Commercial Vehicles & Minibuses
Renewable Energy Assets
Synthetic Sports Pitches
Modular Classrooms