Local Authority

Local Authority

Local Authorities complying with the Prudential Code should consider leasing as part of a comprehensive treasury policy to fund all types of vehicles, plant & equipment and technology assets. Options appraisal analysis should be undertaken to ensure the most appropriate form of finance is selected.

UniLink’s lease advisory service incorporates the complete range of functions required to undertake the acquisition and funding of all assets in accordance with Prudential Code and Value for Money criteria. We provide effective management of the Local Authority’s entire lease procurement process and mini competition requirements sourcing directly from the market or via approved OJEU tendered frameworks.

We proactively manage our client’s existing lease portfolio to generate end-of lease savings and provide accounting expertise in compliance with IFRS.

Our approach is to ensure value for money thereby maximising a Local Authority’s financial resources and minimising the associated risks and costs.

Typical assets leased:

Commercial Vehicles
Fire & Rescue Vehicles
ICT & Network Infrastructure
Synthetic Sports Pitches
Leisure & Gym Equipment
Modular Offices and Classrooms
Solar PV
LED Lighting
Grounds Maintenance